Lensclad nameplates


Traditionally when nameplates are made they are sleek and beautiful. But after time it’s inevitable that the nameplate will become worn down from weather conditions.  Challenging outdoor environments like those presented when operating an automobile (gravel, wind, rain, hail, at high speeds), as well as interior wear and tear can dent and scratch the nameplate ultimately diminishing the overall look of the vehicle and the brand.

The solution

If you’ve got a problem, GMN Automotive will find a solution. Realizing the overall effect time has on a nameplate, GMN Automotive was motivated to find a way to preserve the nameplate to showcase it in a visually appealing way. Taking into consideration cost and efficiency, GMN developed Lensclad, a solution that is not only visually impactful, but also protects the surface and color of the nameplate from wear and tear. The GMN team developed Lensclad as a proprietary process that creates a durable, versatile and attractive nameplate or logo.  The process involves a clear coating which, when applied to a metal nameplate acts as a lens that magnifies the underlying nameplate and amplifies the look of the embossing and color. Lensclad creates a dramatic, almost 3-D aesthetic and provides a high impact branded graphic. In addition to durability and visual appeal, the GMN team designed Lensclad to be flexible — it can be used on a flat or formed surface, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Lasting results

The goal was to create a self-healing technology that prevents wear from deteriorating the overall quality of the nameplate. By developing the Lensclad technology, GMN Automotive has transformed the traditional nameplate into a durable, dependable and affordable automotive component. From Chrysler airbag badges to Fiat wheel branding, you can now find Lensclad technology on many cars on the road today.