Optical bonding

The challenge

The poor viewability and durability of LCD displays, along with glare and condensation problems are issues that have presented themselves in the automotive manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, there has not been a cost-effective, quality solution until now.

A positive solution

GMN had been providing front panel integrations for years.  However, when they were approached by a major manufacturer of industrial and farming transportation and machinery, they were challenged to find a display integration solution that would not only handle the elements, but also the day-to-day abuse that it would sustain on the job. The GMN product development and engineering support teams needed to ensure that they could deliver a high-quality display and conducted research to uncover the right solution.  GMN found liquid optical bonding (LOB) to be ideally suited to the customers’ requirements. The GMN LOB solution offers a high performance adhesive combined with a proven bonding process that cancel out issues traditional cover plates experience.  This solution eliminates the air gap between the touchscreens and the display. In this process, the touchscreen is adhered to the display with a clear adhesive that fills the gap where reflection and condensation could form. Once the process is complete, it increases sunlight readability, durability, contrast, clarity and shock resistance. One unique aspect of this solution is the adhesive. Finding the perfect adhesive proved to be difficult, but without a workable adhesive, the waste involved would significantly increase the cost per part.  That’s where the Vertak optical bonding technology comes in. When applied between the LCD and a touch system, it significantly increases LCD readability in bright sunlight while also providing dramatically improved impact resistance, overall durability and prevents moisture and dust intrusion. Not only does it provide these benefits, but it is a re-workable material, which limits scrap rates. GMN is proud to have licensed with our partner DuPont Display Enhancements and their Vertak bonding technology to provide our customers with the very latest in display enhancement capabilities.

An undeniable result

GMN Automotive’s shift to LOB technology has transformed the dependability of the LCD display.  The GMN LOB process is ideal for use in high ambient light, severe temperatures and other extreme environments.

Customer reference

GMN developed this capability  for one of their clients in the heavy equipment industry. They were experiencing issues with glare and condensation on their tractor displays. In their search for a new display supplier, their Tier 1 supplier recommended GMN for the job. After awarding the program to GMN, the customer realized GMN had the capabilities for the entire display assembly. GMN’s plastics division molded the plastic housings and decorated the plastic parts. The displays are assembled and tested by GMN as well. GMN now has a successful license and process in place for LOB. With their investment in set-up, equipment and the development process, GMN is among the very few LOB manufacturers in the U.S. and one of only two that use the DuPont Vertak system. Innovation coupled with problem solving have resulted in a long and successful partnership. This is the cornerstone of GMN’s commitment to the automotive industry. The LOB capability and integrated assembly expertise acquired through this process ensures quick turn around and efficient project management for our automotive clients’ center console programs.