Backlit ornamentation for automotive interiors

Lincoln backlit sill plate made by GMN Automotive.

As the content of today’s automotive cockpits contain an ever increasing amount of backlit ornamentation, GMN Automotive capabilities have expanded to support this evolution. GMN Automotive is experienced in providing backlit ornamentation for automotive interiors, including displays and branded sill plates. Backlit applications usually contain a shroud, a light pipe, and a light engine. A […]

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Badging treatments to withstand extreme under the hood conditions

The coatings, inks, and adhesives applied to under the hood badging are crucial to maintain the part’s intended design over time.

Under the hood badges or emblems are the branding components applied to the interior surfaces of an automobile, such as the engine cover, that help your brand stand out and stay consistent. When designing badging intended for the inside of an automobile’s hood, it is crucial to understand the harsh environment that part will face. […]

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Jeep sill plates for Fiat Chrysler

The Jeep sill plate GMN Automotive created for Fiat Chrysler.

GMN Automotive was recently challenged by Fiat Chrysler (FCA) to develop a sill plate for the Jeep Durango. Initially, GMN Automotive approached FCA with a concept that matched the customer’s functional and visual intents, but after review, FCA decided their original design didn’t correspond with the rest of the vehicle. To create the necessary harmony, […]

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GMN’s metal insert molding capabilities

When a part needs to hold up against heavy wear and tear, a basic nameplate may not meet demanding project requirements. In these cases one of the technologies that GMN utilizes is metal insert-molding, a process in which both metal and plastic are used together. This capability is especially popular in the automotive industry because […]

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Plastic gear shift indicator for Toyota

When Toyota and their tier one supplier needed a gear shift indicator to match the sleek interior of their Camry line of vehicles, GMN stepped in. It was decided that the piece would be a glossy shade of piano black with a backlighting solution. A difficult combination to achieve, GMN’s plastic division Elite Plastics, was […]

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How GMN Automotive prevents galvanic corrosion

Producing automotive parts requires meeting exceedingly difficult quality and durability standards, especially for exterior vehicle components. These parts not only have to meet mandated safety, design, and industry performance standards, but also must withstand exposure to some of the world’s most challenging environments. Despite these challenges, GMN Automotive has the process capabilities and knowledge required […]

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Liftgate trims from GMN Automotive

We recently shared information about our Monroe Division’s roll coating line and the benefits it offers in the automotive industry. Thanks to our roll coating line and metal fabrication capabilities, we are excited to share that GMN Automotive now offers a new ornamentation capability – liftgate trim. Recently GMN Automotive produced two liftgate trims for new Lincoln […]

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Roll coating line

At our Monroe, North Carolina Division, GMN Automotive is equipped with various metal decorating, finishing, and coating capabilities. One of the most important metal capabilities we offer is our roll coat line which is widely used for customers in the appliance, automotive, and cosmetic industries. The roll coating line is used for both aesthetic and […]

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GMN China provides automotive badging for Land Rover

GM Nameplate has had the opportunity to work with one of the oldest luxury four wheel drive vehicles in the automotive industry. The iconic brand, Land Rover, is in the process of making great strides into the Chinese automotive industry and the team at GMN’s China facility is helping bring their badge to life by […]

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