In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, success depends on performance-driven processes that ensures quality product delivery on time, every time. That’s why at GMN Automotive we’ve spent years perfecting processes that guarantee quality solutions – from concept, material selection, design support to manufacturing and delivery.

More than manufacturing, our in-house R&D group collaborates with customers and suppliers to select the materials, finishes, and decorative features that best suit their specific design intent. Our quick-turn prototyping allows our clients to thoroughly evaluate the form, fit and function of the design and also enhance internal presentations and test marketing campaigns. Stringent testing processes ensure our products stand up to real world environmental conditions while our ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facilities strategically located in North America and Asia produce quality components where needed and on time.

Engineering & design solutions

Not only are our in-house engineering and design support teams here to provide design assistance and help you manufacture quality components, they develop cost effective and time efficient ways to streamline manufacturing processes.

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Program management

You can rest assured that your requirements will be met. We deploy performance validation protocols to ensure products not only meet regulatory requirements, but are guaranteed to be made to specification and function properly. From inception and PPAP through full production, we strive to continually improve our performance and capabilities.

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